Cracked Tooth

What is a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth is a dental condition characterized by a fracture or split in the tooth's structure, which can vary in size and severity. Such cracks may be visible on the tooth's surface or concealed within, often causing pain or discomfort when chewing or exposing the tooth to hot or cold temperatures. It's a common dental concern that requires prompt attention to prevent further damage and safeguard the tooth's health. At Krishna Dental Hospital, we offer comprehensive care for cracked teeth, ranging from diagnosis to tailored treatment solutions, ensuring our patients regain their comfort and oral well-being.

Why does a cracked tooth need immediate care?

Immediate treatment of a cracked tooth is of paramount importance to prevent the condition from worsening. When left untreated, even small cracks can expand, leading to more extensive and damaging dental issues. Cracks offer a pathway for bacteria to infiltrate the tooth, potentially causing infections, pulp damage, or the need for root canal therapy. Moreover, the discomfort associated with a cracked tooth can escalate, affecting your quality of life. By seeking timely dental care, you not only preserve the tooth's structural integrity but also alleviate pain, ensuring a healthier, more resilient smile in the long run. If you think you might have a cracked tooth, book an appointment immediately with our highly experienced dentist at Krishna Dental Hospitals for the best care.

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